For porn videos in Iran will be executed

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For porn videos in Iran will be executed

Iran introduces capital punishment for the production and sale of porn. Such a bill was approved on June 13 by the Iranian parliament. 148 deputies of the Mejlis voted for this law, only 5 voted against. The law states that "producers of pornographic materials and basic elements are recognized as corrupting the world and will be punished accordingly." The term "corrupting the world" is taken from the Koran and is one of the most serious crimes from the point of view of the Sharia. According to Iranian laws, the death penalty is applicable for such crimes, reports.

The law covers, in particular, directors, actors, cameramen and producers of pornographic films. The law prohibits all video production, whether it be video tapes, CDs or DVDs. Printed matter, porn magazines and books have already been banned by Iranian laws earlier.

Now the bill approved by the Majlis must be approved by the Guardian Council, the highest constitutional body, after which it will enter into force.

Iran is sure that last year’s scandal over actress Zahra Amin Ibrahimi was the reason for the development and adoption of the law. Presumably, her ex-fiancé, who fled to Armenia and extradited to Iran, shot “home porn” with a mobile phone and tried to destroy Zahra’s career with his help. This video is widespread in the country. Ibrahimi denied starring in this video.

Now in Iran’s prisons are dozens of people accused of filming porn.

Recall that earlier on the "epidemic" of porn said another Muslim country - the United Arab Emirates. Over the past six months, Dubai’s municipal authorities have seized over 1,200 copies of porn films distributed in local markets.

Models for the filming of porn are mainly women involved in sex work. With all the outward severity of morals, the UAE is considered in the Middle East to be a "center for trade in living goods." According to the US Department of State, about 10,000 women from North Africa, Eastern Europe, South, East and Central Asia, Iraq, Iran and Morocco are involved in prostitution in the UAE.

However, it is unlikely that the resulting porn films could have been shot in the UAE, and local prostitutes acted as actresses. The punishment for such a criminal act would be much more severe than the punishment for the distribution and duplication of pornographic products.