Pornstar Nadia Styles left porn

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Pornstar Nadia Styles left porn

Nadia Styles is a pretty girl who starred in about 60 porn movies. She was nominated for a number of porn awards - Best Group Scene (Best Threeway Sex Scene), Best Anal Scene (Best Anal Sex Scene) and the most brutal scene (Most Outrageous Sex Scene)

But in December 2008, thanks to the ministry of the former porn star Shelley Laben's The Pink Cross, Nadia became a Christian and left the porn industry. The following is the text and video of her testimony: what happened in life and why she decided to leave a “promising” career. Today she is an active fighter with pornography: attends major events in the world of porn (AVN Porn Convention), where she urges pornstars and fans of this "art" to become believers and quit this activity.

I started working in the industry when I was 19. I had to start because I needed money. Then it seemed to me the only way out, because I had to live on something, I had no means, and I did not know where to go for money. I needed money very quickly, I had to urgently pay for my room in a rented apartment so that I did not have to live on the street. It was then that I found an advertisement in the newspaper LA Weekly for girls who want to earn money quickly. I called, the man on the other end of the line made an appointment for me in his apartment in Santa Monica ... and 10 minutes after the meeting, I already made "my first movie." He soon offered me a job in his office as an assistant.

At first I didn’t feel anything terrible, the feeling of need and fear eclipsed all the other voices, including the voice of conscience. My difficult situation was resolved very quickly: I received not only money, but also attention. It seemed to me that they love me and admire me. Many young girls believe that porn is glamorous, it is freedom, and a person has the right to decide for himself what condemns his life and what does not. In addition, I really wanted to have good clothes and a car. But, unfortunately, she received not only them.

Troubles began to come one after another. One of the girls with whom we acted in films suddenly committed suicide, and I soon discovered that I was ill with almost all possible sexually transmitted diseases at once. At least I had gonorrhea and chlamydia every 3-5 months.

I stayed in porn because my life was dominated by the reputation of a pornstar. And this lifestyle was destructive. Soon my friends were only porn actors, and we did nothing all day - only drank or took painkillers all day, because everything inside us - both the bladder and genitals - suffered from infections, itching and burning were incessant. Soon, many of us were completely addicted to drugs.

As soon as I entered the scene of the film, I immediately felt a satanic gloomy state that fell upon me. It was creepy, dark and gloomy. This is not at all what prostitution is. I fully felt that I was in the territory of the devil.
I needed money, but I did not know any other profession to make money. Porn is all I knew. Now I had to take pills all the time to make my scenes again and again. I drank and took painkillers, my heart should have stopped soon.

When Nadia started having heart problems, she decided to take a break due to illness and went on a trip to see what else the world has to offer. “During the journey, God began to knock on my life,” recalls Nadia. - Having found the church, I knelt down and with all my heart asked God to forgive me for all my sins.

I decided to leave the porn industry. But the only way out for me was to work in Bani Rinch, a legitimate brothel. I began to pray and asked God to show me some other way. The answer I received the next morning - they called me from the church and offered to spend a month in Brazil in a rehabilitation center. Later, a Skype message came from my organization “Pink Cross” from Shelley Lubben (Former pornstar Shelly Lubben, now director of the International Pink Cross organization for the rehabilitation of girls and women associated with prostitution and the porn industry).

Shelley at one time, like Nadia Styles, also very quickly and very successfully made a career, receiving the high award “Best Rising Pornstar”, but for this title she had to pay too high a price: “It destroyed me, I lost my femininity, I lost all at the porn scene. ” At 9 years old, she was raped by a classmate and his sister, and the girl did not know how to deal with this emotionally. Later, becoming a teenager, she hardened her heart and began to lead a depraved lifestyle.

“Having visited the site of the Pink Cross, I read everything that was there,” says Nadia. “I was thrilled to read the evidence of Shelley's conversion and seeing that it was possible to get out of sin.” I read everything, and it was easier for me to see that other girls are also trying to quit and are struggling with these things.
After returning from Brazil, Shelley sent me a Christmas present, my first present since childhood! And thanks to our friendship and the love of Christ that she showed me, as well as her support, love and care, I was able to get out of my hell.

Then she asked me to take part in one event for stumbling girls, and I was very grateful to her for this, because it gave me a real sense of relief and joy. For me, a former pornstar, it was really great to start showing love and care for people. I really wanted to show these ruined young prostitute girls that there are people who care about them. Not by their appearance or sexual abilities, but they really care about them as people. Some girls with tears in their eyes from the bottom of their hearts said how grateful they were to us and the Pink Cross organization. After all, before no one had ever cared for them, and now they felt real care and love.

This is real joy! This is my happiest time! I no longer take pills and drugs. Shelley and her organization gave me a lot of support, this is really a great blessing! Now I am cooperating with them, helping them in their work. I understand that now this is my calling from God. "