'Incredible Redemption': Former Porn Star to Lead XXXChurch that Rescued Her from Darkness

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Brittni De La Mora was once a high profile actor in the porn industry.  

She performed in hundreds of films, was named one of Maxim Magazine's top 12 female performers in porn and she also placed second in a porn ranking on Playboy TV.

"I was in the adult film industry for seven years of my life, from 18 to 25," Brittni told CBN News."

After becoming a born-again Christian, Brittni now works to save others from a life of pornography.

While working as a porn star, Brittni would often visit porn conventions to meet her many fans. It was there she also encountered a parachurch group called XXXchurch.

"I would go there, and I would always see this huge booth that said Jesus loves porn stars and it sparked curiosity in me," she explained. "And there was this one woman who was always there. Her name was Rachael. And she just had a, I used to tell her, 'I don't know what it is about you, but you just have so much light, like you're just so bright.'  Like, I wanted to be around her.'"

"So, every convention I would look for her and you know, the people that were serving with the ministry there would come and they would bring me Bibles and lip gloss and coffee," she said. "And I used to ask them, 'How much do I owe you for this?' And they were like, 'no, you don't owe us anything, like just take the coffee. We just want to be a blessing.'  And so, that spoke multitudes to me because my whole life I always had people that wanted to take from me, but never did I have anyone that actually just wanted to give to me with expecting nothing in return. And so, they continued to plant seeds in me that Jesus loved me."

Brittni, who has since married a pastor, has been serving in ministry in California for seven years now.  The couple, now expecting their first child, has recently been tapped to lead XXXchurch.

The online church helps to empower people who are struggling with porn addiction.

Craig Gross started the ministry in 2002 and is set to retire.

Gross announced the news in a statement on the church's website. 

"Through prayer earlier this year, I heard the Lord say, 'Give XXXchurch to Brittni and Rich De La Mora to lead'," he said.  "Brittni is a former porn star we met while she was still in the industry, and we fostered a relationship with her as she began hers with Christ. What God has done in her life in the last seven years is nothing short of a beautiful miracle. She knows the Bible inside and out and is an incredible depiction of redemption. It doesn't surprise me in the least that God is calling her here. Three years ago, Brittni married Rich, a pastor she became friends with after she left the industry. Rich comes from a family of ministers; he has a compassionate heart and loves XXXchurch."

"Brittni and I, we were amazed," Richard told CBN News.  "We were thrilled. And the reason for it is because the XXX Church played such an indelible difference to my wife's life. For literally helping her with almost everything. And it's just amazing we get to come back into this ministry, helping others the way XXX Church helped my wife."

Richard continued, "We believe it's our mandate to go out there and help people with the pornography issue because when porn starts to get into your system, get into your life, it affects you. It affects the way that you think. It affects your relationships. It affects what you desire. It affects your purity and your walk with God. So right now my wife and I, we are on it like no other, right now doing our very best going out there, helping people with this issue and just learning to eradicate this problem that's going on today."

Brittni said she is excited to share the gospel with others in the industry that held her captive.

"I love the fact that we get to hand out thousands of Bibles in a weekend," she said. "We usually bring between 10- and 20,000 Bibles and we get to hand them out. We get to talk to people about Jesus."

"It's just so amazing to see people who are in such darkness and they're only walking in the darkness because nobody's turned the light on in their lives," said Brittni.