Second sexual revolution

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No, we do not want to be traditional and predictable. We do not want to fight against the Consequences at that time, as Reason calmly "rests" on the bed of general indifference. We challenge the Reason!

We call on the World, our planet to join us! All who care about what we will write now in an open message to intelligent beings of the Earth, join!

No matter how old you are; no matter what position you occupy in society; no matter what color your skin is!

Stand next to us, we call you to revolution!




We claim that this revolutionary movement will overwhelm our planet! Do not believe? Then let's see if you remain indifferent to what you read below.


Would you like something with the same force and passion, like love, sex with a loved one, a strong and long relationship with him. God created us to love and be loved. We hear: “Love is a wonderful feeling”, “Love rules the World”. You paid attention to the name of this page precisely because despite the fact that you are sixteen or sixty years old, the words “love”, “sex” and “strong relationships” immediately touch the strings of your soul. These words occupy leading positions in the priority system of most people.

Advertisers have long understood that you can sell a good product, taking advantage of our concern in matters of love and sex. Sex is played up in television commercials advertising beer, vodka, sausages. Without naked ass and navels, we can not get a mobile phone and deodorant.

Guys, they use us! Our emotions are manipulated!

Can we let it do this to ourselves? We are “brainwashed” by the media. We listen to thousands of songs, watch hundreds of films, read dozens of love stories that give us false ideas about love, sex and lasting relationships. In our society, this approach to relationships has spread, which has led to disastrous results. How? See what the statistics of marriages in our country says:


Ukraine takes the I-st ​​place in Europe by the number of divorces. 80 out of 100 pairs are divorced. These are 160 personal disasters;

By the number of abortions - III place in Europe. 80% of young people conceive a child before marriage. Of these, 60% are younger than 18 years old. 4 out of 10 teenage pregnancies end in abortion. 15 to 16 year old girls become mothers.

Every year, 3 million adolescents are infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

Why is this happening? What is - very important - we have lost our relentless pursuit of imitating the Hollywood relationship standards? Why, meeting an attractive person, we attach paramount importance to appearance and sexual attractiveness.

We, young boys and girls of the XXI century, today ask ourselves the question of where is he (that) who will become a faithful friend and beloved woman once and for all his life? And is it possible at all?

We declare to you - maybe! God, who created you for love and sex for your pleasure, has a clear plan for how to build relationships!

The one who intended you to love and be loved, also gave wise instructions to help you fulfill this mission!

Christianity says that God gave the good by creating sex for the continuation of the race and your pleasure.

But if we are given the taste sensations by God (which also brings a lot of pleasure to people), then this does not mean that we should become like pigs and eat everything! So why do we allow ourselves to mate indistinctly? Why do we allow an extraordinarily valuable gift to spill out of a vessel of love to the left and right?


Part 2


Our parents can tell us about how the first so-called "sexual revolution" was born in the sixties of the last century. What happened? A small group of people went against the stream and challenged the existing “status quo”. They openly questioned the need for such a thing as “conjugal fidelity” and preached an alternative way of life - “free love” and “world peace.” They allowed themselves to express their views with music and art. They proudly wore the "radicals" stamp. They mixed the natural youthful doubts and questions with a large dose of rebelliousness and created from this a vital philosophy. The results were stunning. During the life of one generation (forty years), moral norms, values ​​and traditions have completely changed. And what: broken hearts, broken families, unhappy children, sexually transmitted diseases, child prostitution, drug addiction, complete degradation of aesthetic views.


Hey, the girl behind the bar, with a cigarette in her hand and dull, stopped, intoxicating eyes! Can you make a good guy happy with your love, dedication to your family? Can you give birth to him healthy children?

Hey, lad, in muddy jeans, lowered on the hips, with rings in all easy-to-do places, with a bottle of beer in hand and a knapsack of total inconsistency, irresponsibility and unprincipledness behind them! Where are you going? Do you know what you want from life? You, the future father of the family. Do you remember what your name is today and what sex you belong to?

So what's the hope?

What has changed so quickly in one direction can be turned back! Steps, made in the dark, can be done in the opposite direction, to the light!

We will be able, if we also stand firmly for the truth, as the “Sixties” stood for a lie!

What is the truth?


We urge you to start the second sexual revolution!



Do we really agree that we are led to the fact that we are just a pathetic belch of our vaunted freedom of relations! Really, knowing the prospect of finding destroyed families, the pain of loss and the unfortunate eyes of abandoned children, we will continue the path once and for all imposed on us! Who can tell us to be unhappy, unloved, unrealized in the beautiful world of love?

You ask what to do? Where to start?

Our thinking is one of the levers of this revolution.

The second sexual revolution must occur simultaneously on three fronts.

We must work out:

01. Revolutionary view of human sexuality;

02. revolutionary idea of ​​how to attract the opposite sex;

03.revolutionary relationship to the opposite sex.

The revolution begins with three radical statements:

01.Sex is holy

02.Sex is serious

03.Sex is a big responsibility.
A radical statement number 1.
Sex is holy!

Sex is holy because it is a significant and valuable gift of God.

Sex is a special, deeply personal gift. In the Epistle to the Hebrews it is said: "Let every man be honest, and the bed of immaculately fornicators and adulterers shall be judged by God."

Sex is holy because it gives us a unique opportunity to share our love with another person.

Sex is not just contact between parts of the body. It is a union of souls and hearts. This is a mystery.

Sex was not intended to successfully promote products or cause cheap laughter. Sex was not meant to be frivolous, like entertainment.

Sex is holy!


Part 3


A radical statement number 2.
Sex is serious!



Want to fight in our ranks on the side of God? Then admit that sex is serious! Or do you not believe that God blesses those who trust him and follow Him? Or maybe you have a not very close relationship with the Lord? Then hurry (it's not too late) to announce to him that you are on his team!

Ask yourself the question: who do I want to please? The one who claims to love me today, or the Creator who always loves me, who lovingly conceived and created me, in whose will is to bless my relationship with this "someone" or not to bless ..

If we turn to the “main manual for the exploitation” of our life - the Bible, we will learn something very important! When people unite in sexual intercourse, then, whether they want it or not, a strong bond is established between them. That's how serious sex is! This is not just a hobby or "innocent pleasure." Sexual intercourse binds the lives of people. This is not a game. This decision affects the rest of your life! So imagine the consequences in your life of having sex with a prostitute ... And if you take into account that the sin is passed on to children and grandchildren (like Adam’s sin and now lies on all of us), then imagine what your children will get!

We know that many of you, having read all of the above, will say: “But I’m not sleeping with prostitutes. I live with my girlfriend in a civil marriage. What is sin here? We love each other! And love is holy! ”

We can upset you that this is a big self-deception!

One of the two of you must fake. Why? Yes, he (she) is simply afraid that at any moment one of you may get up and leave, because you have no obligations to each other. Therefore, you are trying to please each other. You can't tell each other the truth. You will always keep part of your heart shut - because, despite the many positive aspects of your relationship, you both realize that they can break at any time.

Maybe "just living together" at first seems like a tempting idea, but out of this, a strong relationship usually does not grow. In the end - two options to finish this "sweet story":

Having lived in a civil marriage, “having tried” each other, you conclude that “this is not yours”. This man is not so perfect, he turns out to have flaws! It does not meet our expectations! Is he not good enough for you ?!
“Well, then,” you say, “in any relationship, the risk is inevitable that love will pass.”
And start the next attempt, then another one ...
You still decided to get married. This is where it started! All that your companion was silent about and concealed before marriage suddenly comes out in his disgusting appearance of the true essence of your loved one. It is here that she (he) will show you her “teeth”! And after two months (six months, a year) you suddenly begin to see everything in a different light! The man whom you called your half for life turns out to be unnecessary even for the next two days! Well, did not help the premarital "rehearsal"? Result: a ruined family, neglected child. Your feelings are an open, bleeding wound. Congratulations! You have entered a new world for you - the world of divorced people. You can’t trust people for a while, it’s not easy to call you to frankness, you feel the pain of past relationships. But your natural need for love again leads to the search for that special person whom you will cherish all your life. And he will cherish you. Of course he will be better than the previous one! And the quest begins! And again the “rehearsal” is to live carefully for a while ... History repeats itself ?!

We say no to this self-deception! We affirm that the Lord blesses the marriage between two people! He thought of a man like that! Man and woman are one thing in God's purpose!

You have forgotten that Eve was created in order to make up for what Adam lacked. So where is your dedication in love? Where is the desire to fill the "emptiness" of his chosen one? Where is the responsible decision to be together until death do apart?

But where does this desire come from, if, when we marry, we do not know anything about these "voids". If marrying, we barely know the person upon whom we pin our hopes on life. Taking the first flash of love for love, trusting the occasion of your two destiny almost strangers, after the first date, they are already sleeping together.

Please give examples when this ended in happiness! Who in this case is your authority? Barely familiar cute boy (girl), or one from whom you will later seek forgiveness and help for yourself, your health, or for the life and health of your child?

So is it not better to immediately follow the path indicated by the Lord? !!!



He is against sex before marriage! He will fill your sex with colors only on the matrimonial bed! He does not give vain promises, unlike our beloved, often unfamiliar and irresponsible people towards us!

Do not wait to meet with the "right" person! Become a "suitable" person! Take responsibility for your relationship!

Follow the path indicated by the Lord! And you will be happy!

We declare: sex before marriage, will never be blessed! We are against disorderly copulation outside the family, beyond prudence!

Join us! Since the creation of man, God has given man a choice.

He is waiting for you to choose in his favor! And he will stand for you in this world! It's never too late!

Do you think that a loving father will not be able to forgive his child and not shield him with himself, seeing the child’s repentance, his understanding and cry for help?

Even if you stumble, join! He will support you!
But do not be surprised if your conflict with the world is exacerbated when you decide to declare that sex is serious.


A radical statement number 3.
Sex is a big responsibility!


Until we learn to think about others, and not only about ourselves, we will not be able to join the revolution.

We are responsible for how we influence other people, for our sexual behavior. We are responsible for the way we dress, what we say, what promises we give.

The word responsibility suggests that we will have to answer someone for everything we do!

The Lord gave us a body as a “temple” for our soul. May we today, without shame, hold before Him an answer for how we use the “temple” given to you.

Do you really believe that piercing and tattoo will help you attract a decent and reliable partner in life? Funny, isn't it?

We want to share with you the most important principle of relationships: you attract the same people as you are or try to appear!

We do not urge you to return to the Puritan or Victorian morality standards — high collars or chastity belts. But we remind that underwear is so called that it is worn under the basic clothing!

Image Girls! Thickened strings "strings", proudly protruding from under lowered jeans, do not excite and do not attract! The owner of such an "outfit" I want to ask: "Have you washed at night, Desdemona?" (Let the classic forgive us!) Who hopes to attract such an undemanding to herself, the fair sex ?!

Girls! We assure you that today, as before, as always, the “real hero” is attracted by modesty and chastity! If now you are puffing on a cigarette or pouring a potion in yourself seriously, without worrying about your health, the health of your future baby, how can you expect that a caring and responsible person will suddenly appear next to you ?!

Dear young man! When you make your idol a bottle of beer, or take "harmless" steroids to increase muscle mass (which will make you sexy), or sometimes you smoke weed, can you rely on a serious, purposeful and interesting partner in life? Do you believe that such an “innocent” flirt with everything that moves can attract such a girl? Does she want to connect life with you and become your support, become your real and only loving friend?

Nonsense! Miracles in life, of course, happen, but they are very selective! Miracles tend to people who carry in themselves the inner beauty and meaning!
Yes - inner beauty!
Yes - modesty!
Yes - chastity!

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